REDRAFT, Caution against going dynasty crazy

I know it’s a bit early for redraft league talk, but I’ll be gauging interest as we get closer and closer to week 1. CAUTION WITH DYNASTY LEAGUES. It’s in my experience that joining dynasty startups, especially free ones and even low buy ins, can land you in a league where the chat and overall dynasty experience is dead. You can draft the greatest team but it means nothing if you’re in a dead league. You might as well be playing with 11 other bots. Don’t waste your time and energy in a dead dynasty that will only last a year anyways.

I run an active and fun free dynasty league and I’m trying to build an equally fun money redraft league. The details are as follows;

$100 Buy-In.

PPR 12 Team

1 QB

2 RB

2 WR

1 TE

2 Flex


Waivers are FAAB. On Sleeper. Payout are as follows;

1st 500

2nd 300

3rd 100

MVP (most points scored) 100

Remaining $200 will go into a weekly prize pool for weeks 1-10. Every week a manager will be awarded $20 if they finish first that week for a specific statistic. For example the week 1 $20 prize will go to whoever’s active wide receiver had the longest reception. The week 2 prize would go to whoever’s team had the most active RB touchdowns. The winning statistic every week will be random.

Before the draft, league members can vote on roster draft and scoring setting changes. Rule changes must pass with 8 out of 12 votes in favor of amending.

This league is strictly for active and competitive players. Fantasy experience can vary so long as you’re committed to staying active! Private message me or leave a comment below if you’d like to reserve a slot in this league. This league won’t fill up in a day or even 2 weeks but I’m confident as we get closer to week 1 we’ll end up with a league full of some real competitive fantasy fans!

Email me at Salasant@yahoo to inquiry!