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Redraft draft pick trading


I’m in a redraft league we will be drafting about 2 weeks and I received an offer to trade back from the 1.06 to the 1.10 what value of picks would you want to recieve for that?


If you do this, you want him to swap his 3rd round pick for your 5th or 6th. That way you get picks 10, 15, 30 and 34 in the first 3 rounds.


So if you were to do that trade it looks like you might be giving up OBJ and getting AJ Green, Jordy Nelson or maybe Mike Evans. When all is said and done I don’t see these three being that much different than one another from a performance standpoint with a slight edge to OBJ. I would try and go your 1.06 and your 5.06 for his 1.10 and his 3.10. You are dropping back four spots in the first round, still probably getting an equal talent, for sure getting a WR1, and then jumping up almost two rounds later on. I think this is a reasonable and fair trade.