Redraft League 0.5 PPR $20

I created a dynasty league this year that filled up very quick! I want to create a couple more leagues but that are redraft. (I only want to do one Dynasty for now). Rules are as follows: 12 Team. Roster QB(1), RB(2), WR(2), TE(1), RB/WR/TE (2), BN (7). Scoring is 0.5 PPR. All other scoring is Sleeper default. Platform is on Sleeper. Draft order is randomized. Draft is a slow draft. (That is the easiest to accommodate 12 people with busy lives) Draft timer is listed below. League payments are due by 9PM on on 8/15 via LeagueSafe. Payouts are as follows 1st - $180 2nd - $40 3rd - $20. $100 FAAB. Disbursements are made only via majority approval. If interested reply with your Sleeper ID.

8/16 - 9/3 24 hours

9/4 @ 9 AM CST Switches to 4 hours STOPS from 9PM to 9AM

9/5 @ 9 AM CST Switches to 2 Hours STOPS from 9PM to 9AM

9/6 @ 9AM CST Switches to 3 minutes until conclusion.


Im Down! Thanks

Sweet. What is your sleeper ID?

My id is Carpy4

Interested. DuPainPerdu on sleeper

I’d be interested. Nonamejackson21 on sleeper

I’ll jump in if you got a spot! Sooners4Life on sleeper

I am interested! My Sleeper ID is MarvinTheRobot.

Sent! Welcome!

Just sent it to you! Welcome!

Sent! Welcome

Sent! Welcome!

I am interested if there is still room! Sleeper ID is kimpagroondaloony

if you have 2 spots open sleeper ID - Scourgestrike and Frieeer

I am very interested if there is still room. Sleeper user is BigRed2233

If there’s still room, I’m down
Sleeper ID: BeerMeWaukee

Interested. Rizzer35

Interested if you have a spot left, “Griimmjow” on sleeper

Love this.

“GOTAisMe” on sleeper