Redraft League - Playoff and Bench Size Questions

Sup Ballers - I am the Commissioner of a Redraft league and this year we are dropping from 12 to 10 teams. I have two questions around bench size and playoff format.

Roster Details: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, D/ST, and Kicker.

Bench Size Question: With 12 teams we had a bench size of 5. Going down to 10 teams, should we increase the bench size to 6 or leave it at 5?

Playoff Question: At 10 teams would you recommend still having 6 teams make the playoffs? Having over half the league in the playoffs sounds a bit off to me. There has also been suggestions to have 4 teams in the Playoffs compete over 2 week periods. Thus the regular season would be weeks 1-12. With the first round of the playoffs taking place in weeks 13 and 14 while the championship is weeks 15 and 16. Or should we stick with 6 teams in the playoffs, week 14 is the play in games, 15 semifinals and 16 championship week?

Let me know your thoughts!

Welcome to the Fantasy Footballers forum @BigDaddyBert!

Bench size is really just a question about wahat caliber of players do you want available on waivers. It looks like your league was 14 rounds (5 bench + 9 starters). That would equal a total of 168 players on a roster in your league.

If you leave the bench as is, you will have a total of 140 players on rosters (10 teams x 14 rounds).

The difference being, with no changes, these types of players will be available on waivers:

Versus, if you expand the bench by 2 players per team (10 teams x 16 rounds, total of 160 players):

First of all there is no wrong answers regarding playoffs. You could execute the plan indicated and everyone participating may be in favour of that method… However, I would still have 6 teams make the playoffs. Personally, fantasy is about fun. Making the playoffs is fun and therefore I prefer 6 teams to 4. Simple as that :wink: