Redraft Pick

10 team PPR, I have the 1.02 in a full redraft.

With all of the great options available at this pick, there is almost no wrong answer. So the real question is who do you target for the second pick? I’m thinking RB and in most of my mocks so far McKinnon, McCaffery, McCoy and Howard have been available…thoughts?

hands down Jordan Howard, he will finish top 5 rbs this season.

If McCaffrey is still there somehow then I’d take him for sure. If not then I would lean Howard. I don’t like the injury risk of McKinnon / McCoy. Howard has been steady each year, least likely to bust on you, with great upside.

Normally I would lead Howard… But I think with full ppr I would go mccaffery

McCaffery easily for me, I absolutely love him this year in PPR. After that I would go Howard, but I don’t think he will have the same upside that McCaff has with catching 70+ balls being a lock

Agree with the guys, love Howard this year but in full PPR McCaffery is the easy choice here. Plus you may well get Howard on the turn if you wanted to go 3 RB

Howard or Mcaffery, it being PPR probably lean mcaffery, but Howard has a nice schedule and has reportedly been working overtime on his pass catching.