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So this is my first using the late QB draft technique. I haven’t heard it explained thoroughly enough. When do I take my QB? Is it after a certain round or as my very last pick? I’m in a 12 man league and I would say 10 of the other members draft 2 QB’s does that effect anything?


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The reason that people choose to wait on QB is because the difference between all the mid-tier QBs is so small that there’s value to be had for waiting. Those that subscribe to this strategy use their mid-round picks to stock up on RBs and WRs instead of getting a QB. Last year the difference between QB6 Aaron Rodgers and QB14 Tom Brady was just 2 pts per game.

If your leaguemates get antsy with QBs and many of them take a second QB, then you may have to grab your value guy a little earlier than he might go in other leagues. I would target guys like Rivers, Goff, or Winston (little riskier) if you’re going to wait this year. There’s so much depth at QB that if your guy doesn’t pan out you can probably pick up a replacement for him.

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All great questions.

Read this:

In short there are 2 keys:

  • QB production in Fantasy is replaceable. The Quarterback position is the most predictable of any of the big four in fantasy football (QB/RB/WR/TE)
  • Opportunity Cost. Taking a QB early ramatically decreases the odds of obtaining a WR1 or an RB1.
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I would also consider making your own rankings. The Footballers listed 21 QBs they are comfortable starting off their season with; I would agree with all 21 and include Kyler Murray (assuming starting role), Jimmy G, and maybe even Dalton. So, my list is 24ish guys. That means, if I’m you in your league, I can wait until my absolute last pick while everyone drafts 2 QBs and still get a guy I’m good with. The only difference would be if a guy I really like falls to double digit rounds (aka Wentz), I would take him earlier than last.

Make your own rankings and see how long you can wait.