Redraft question

Im in a 12 team league. If i am not picking from the top 3 what is an ideal spot to pick fron?

Honestly I really like the end of the first round, try to snag someone towards the end like Mccoy or Freeman. Then assuming its a snake draft you can come back for Melvin Gordan or Jordan Howard and get two solid starting RB’s.

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I agree with Thomas. I’d rather be 10-12 or 1-3 than in the middle.


You’ll get one of DJ, Bell, Elliot, Julio, ODB or Brown and you’ll pick sooner in the second.

In what draft are one of the big 3 running backs dropping to 6?

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So landed the first pick. Its a PPR league. But im considering trading back to the back of the draft so i could scoop 2 running backs. I havent done mocks yet and plan on doing one or two today. But thoughts/suggestions/opinions?

I’d personally stick with the 1st pick and take your rb of choice. Then when it comes back to you you’re looking at Lynch, Crowell, Gurley, Miller, and a top wr like Baldwin or Fitzgerald.

Going the other way you may get Howard and Melvin or something like that. Still a solid foundation but I would have a hard time passing on Johnson.

That’s irrelevant what happens in other drafts. Picking 6 will guarantee one those players in your draft no matter what and thats why its the place to draft from.

It’s the same as saying having the 12th pick guarantees you a top 12 pick including Johnson, Bell, Zeke, etc.

No it’s not at all.

Those are the six best players in fantasy so having 6th gets you one of them.

youre not getting DJ at 6 and hes got more value than one of the receivers dont you think? at 6 typically you’re taking whats left over not what you want

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If you rank those 6 players equally I can see your point. But for me I think after DJ, Zeke, Bell, and AB there’s a drop-off in value.

I look at it as Bell, DJ, Zeke as the top RB tier and AB, JJ and OBD as the top WR tier.

To get one of the top RBs and WR’s to start your draft and pick earlier in the second is a big advantage in my eyes.

Your question was if I’m not picking Top 3 where should I pick. I told you. 6th.

i get it but the way you worded seemed like you were saying i could get one of the top 3rbs at 6. just some miscommunication. makes sense now

Yeah its totally unlikely youll get one those RBs at six, but you might.
Lev Bell has had two knee injuries, Elliot might get suspended. They could

If they do snatch em up, if not youve got one of the top tier WRs. Seems
like a win-win to me.

Just to be clear, it’s always possible for a player in a particular draft to fall. Last year the consensus was ab 1st overall. Fell to me at pick 7. Ask anyone who has been around a while, and with multiple leagues. It’s all about the people you draft with. From rookies to players who dive too deep into their picks, mistakes are made all the time. So it’s very possible to have dj fall to 6. It’s just not likely. That being said, me personally, i dont like a lot of the first round picks this year. (Dont take that the wrong way, i just see a lot of bust potential this year in particular). So if i had to pick, i would want the last pick. Gives me the most value early, and then on the next turn i can target some of my value picks. It’s all relative to yoyr league, and your personal preferences. In the end though, i dont care. I’ll just trust my rankings and try to make the best picks at every spot.


I agree, there is no way any of those players slip to the number 6th pick in the first round other than maybe ODB.

At number 6, you are going to get OBJ and maybe Jordan Howard in the second, not bad.