Redraft snake?

I am in a dynasty and this will be the second redraft. I don’t remember the how the redraft went last year but this year is set to go… 1.01 through 1.10, then startes back at 2.01 through 2.10. So its not a snake draft. Is this normal? Maybe commish hasn’t set it up correctly yet… idk, I’ve messaged commish and still no reply.

that depends. first off, in a normal redraft it is snake, which does go 1.01 to 1.10 (for a 10 team) and then starts over at 2.01. so who ever has 1.10 also has 2.01. who ever has 1.09 also has 2.02. so if thats how you guys want it (snake) then that is correct, it just looks funky to you because you are expecting to see 1.10 then it to go to 2.10 im guessing? if im reading this right that should be your confusion.

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Thank you for the reply. I believe you are right! That’s funny! I feel a little silly now. Thank you!