[REDRAFT STARTUP FOR FANTASY ADDICTS!] $500 | 12 man | 0.5PPR | Sleeper+LeagueSafe

##### This is a high-stakes redraft startup in the style of Yahoo pro leagues, without the massive fee and on the Sleeper platform. 8/12 spots filled in about 2 days so its looking good. Traditional style rules locked in; no changes #####


  • 1st : $3,500 | 2nd : $1,500 | 3rd : $500 | Weekly $30 prize to the highest scoring team
  • QB | 2 RB | 2 WR | TE | 1 FLEX | K | DEF | 5 BN - 1 IR
  • 6 Team Playoffs (Weeks 15, 16, 17) + Consolation Bracket [PF tiebreaker]
  • FAAB + $$$ trading (Waivers processed Wednesday and Friday mornings; Open Waivers on Sunday morning)


  • 0.5PPR scoring
  • -1 points for fumbles, -1 for fumbles lost (-1/+1 for DST scoring)
  • Fractional kicker scoring
  • +0.25 points for DST TFL, +0.5 for 4th down stops, +1 for under 300 yards allowed, and -1 for over 500 yards allowed


  • Week 12 trade deadline


  • Live Standard Snake Draft with order determined by Consolation Bracket winner (2 minute live draft pick time)


  • Order of Offseason Events: NFL draft, entry fee due date, draft spot reveal, fantasy draft
  • Coming soon: Long term trophies, rings, live drafting in Vegas, loser traditions, consolation bracket rewards, etc.

COVID Roster Contingency Rules

If a player in the W/R/T position is announced out due to COVID after Sunday Kickoff, or after having started their game, their average weekly points up until that week will replace their points for that week. If a player in the QB/K position is announced out due to COVID after Sunday Kickoff, or after having started their game, their replacement in the official NFL game will replace them for that week. If multiple players replace the COVID-affected starter, the highest scorer of those replacements will be selected. If a replacement player is already on another roster during a COVID-related roster adjustments, both managers will be able to make use of the points. If any games are cancelled after Sunday Kickoff (10am PST/1pm ET) then all players’ average weekly points will replace their score if that player was started. !Make sure to check the games status before the Sunday Kickoff to make replacements if the game is cancelled before Kickoff.

COVID Payout Contingency Rules

Should the NFL season be shortened, the following rules will decide payouts: At the conclusion of the NFL regular season, if all NFL teams have played 8 or more games, it will be deemed a full Fantasy season for the purposes of this league. Prizes will be paid out as follows: If the Fantasy playoffs have not occurred then the prizes will be split evenly among the 6 teams ranked highest in the league. If the league is in the semi-finals of the Fantasy playoffs, the prizes will be split evenly among the remaining 4 playoff teams. If the league is in the championship period of the Fantasy playoffs, the two teams playing for 1st place will split the 1st and 2nd place prizes evenly. The 3rd place prize will be split between the two teams playing for 3rd place. Should any NFL team not reach 8 regular-season games played, it will not be deemed a completed Fantasy season and your entry fee will be refunded.

Sounds perfect @goalrunner on sleeper

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I’m in. BennyAndTheJess on sleeper :+1:t2:

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Messaged you both on Sleeper! Thanks for reaching out boys


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