Redraft to keeper transition league

Hey guys. My cousin and I are taking over the league we both own teams in. The league is 4 years old and always been a snake order re-draft league. We are planning on making it a standard order keeper league but keeping all the current owners. Now we will be having a vote at the end of season to confirm, but just from general discussion before season with about half the league being on board with the transition.

My question is how is the most fair way to make this transition with people having dropped obvious keepers due to injuries. Have any of y’all successfully been a part of a transition like this? All advice welcome. Thanks.

I think the only fair thing is to re-draft in 2018 and do a keeper from that point on. It isn’t fair any way you shape it if you decide to do a keeper league after the season is over and going into the next draft. If that happened in a league I was in I would just leave the league to be honest.


I completely agree with swissarmy. I did the same thing you’re going through with my league. You have to announce, at a minimum, at your draft that the following year will be a keeper league so teams can adjust their drafts accordingly.

To announce a keeper league for 2018 in the middle of the 2017 season isn’t fair. 2018 should be the last year of redraft, and 2019 should be first year of your keeper league.

Unless, of course, 100% of the people in your league don’t have a problem with jumping to a keeper league in 2018.

We had a similar discussion in our redraft league and came to the same conclusion. start fresh as a keeper in 2018. What we are struggling with is finding the optimal settings. we will drop down to 12 teams maximum from 14. How many do we allow people to keep? Do we need to change from the standard team roster (ie keep kickers or ditch them)? What is the optimal trade deadline timing in a keeper league? How do we handle allowing the trade of draft picks?

If anyone has a good resource to read up on this, let me know.

I feel what y’all are saying about starting fresh. Sounds most reasonable. Do keepers need to equal IR positions. IE. 2 keepers 2 IR slots. We are currently 12 teams.

I agree with the discussion gotta do the re-draft next year knowing its a keeper.

As for IR in my Dynasty we have 12 teams 20 total rostered with 4 IR spots. It really depends on how much movement you wan’t though, we have more since it is a dynasty whereas with a keeper you don’t have those same rookies or potentials taking up roster spots so I would say a 2 IR probably makes sense.