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Redraft to keeper


I am in a 10 team redraft league that is debating making a switch to keeper. I appear to be the only vocal member of the group that is on the side of starting the keeper option after the new draft. The commissioner is drafting 9 this year but he owned :musical_score:David :musical_score:Johnson :musical_score: last year and is very vocal that we should start the keeper league at this draft while allowing people to keep players from last years roster by giving up the draft pick for their adp on draft night. No more than one player per team per adp round.
Your thoughts?
Also, I am drafting 5th and I think I can make it work to my advantage but I feel strongly that a keeper league should start fresh in its origination.


You have to start fresh. People would have drafted, traded, added, and cut players differently last year if they knew you were playing keeper.


I agree with Rob43. You need to go into this year knowing keepers will be allowed for next year’s draft. I would play completely different in redraft than i do in my keepers. It just wouldnt be fair to everyone just because he wants to be able to keep DJ.


A keeper league should start from scratch. If I was in a league where it was not done from the start, I would leave it.


Draft from scratch for sure. Obviously he wants to keep DJ lol.