Redraft trade: DJ/AJ Green for OBJ/Melvin Gordon

1/2 ppr, which side would you take? I’m pretty torn on it

My view right now is that I don’t like ARZ’s offense, and Gordon could at least get within 20 pts of what DJ produces on the year with LAC’s offense and schedule, while OBJ should be much better than Green

obj gordon



OBJ/Gordon. I think it’s possible AJ is on the down swing. I think the guys mentioned this on a recent podcast.

OBJ and Melvin Gordon

echo echo echo…obj and gordon…echo echo echo :wink:

Thanks everyone, I offered the trade and am waiting for the response…

I’m on Beckham/Gordon in this trade. ARZ will be shaky on offense and rely heavily on DJ without much support. (Meaning teams will load up the box to contain him) As for Green he needs greener pastures. (Sorry, couldn’t resist) Dalton just ain’t cutting it. Green has a much lower ceiling due to his QB. Defenses can barely contain OBJ most weeks. He still had semi decent production last year basically on one leg before the broken ankle. He will be as motivated as ever to produce this year. Also, defenses now have to worry about Barkley as well which should make it even harder to defend Beckham. Finally, Gordon is an outstanding dual threat runner who plays in an underrated offense and should have a pro bowl season again.

Guess I’m alone on the hill on this one.

Although it’s close, it’s DJ and AJ Green for me. These narratives against DJ are getting way out of hand.

Cardinals being a bad team: Them being a “bad” team resulting in DJ not being able to produce is totally bogus. In 2016, what was the record that year? 7-8-1. Sub 500 team. Nowhere near being classified as good. They had no weapons other than Larry just like now but it didn’t matter. The beauty of DJ is it doesn’t matter if the team wins or loses, the main just produces as the best receiving back in the NFL. Let’s not forget he put up over 2K yards from scrim and 20 TDs that season with 80 catches on 120 targets. 120 targets is basically WR2 figures. That is absolutely nuts and definitely within reason of what he will see again this season.

Cardinals have a bad o-line: Did everyone forget Cardinals have never had a great o-line? In 2016, Cardinals O-line ranked 26/32 NFL teams per PFF. Their ranking in 2017? 27/32. Basically the exact same. So literally nothings changed other than the fact that DJ is coming back with something to prove.

Cardinals don’t have a great QB: Is Palmer supposed to be a “great” QB? In the twilight years, he was a passable / average QB. I’d argue that Sammy Biscuits is actually a better QB than palmer when healthy. He is one of the most accurate short-intermediate passers in the league which bodes well for DJ’s targets. The dude is the number 2 receiving option on the team. He is going to eat, don’t doubt it.

Cardinals have a new coach/OC: So what? If anything, that bodes well for RBs. Stats show more often than note, when there is a major coaching change, teams tend to revert to running more vs passing which translates into more carries and opportunities for DJ. Dude is an absolute stud and is going to get 30 touches a game. I’ll buy that all day every day. Esp if Rosen gets in there, they are going to rely on DJ to carry the team like he’s already shown he can do.

Obviously, I prefer OBJ to AJ green. But people are just totally writing Green off as if he isn’t one of the most talented and productive receivers in the league. Not to mention he has literally no competition for targets. Bengals made some improvements to their Oline (they are still trash, just 1 spot above cardinals) but nevertheless, can’t be worse than last year. Also new OC took over. We saw what happened when lazor took over mid season, he went to his go to guy in Green. I literally see last year as AJ greens floor. Are we forgetting that this guy literally had 1K yards in 10 games in 2016 before getting injured? I just don’t get the hate. He has put up 1k+ yards every single season since joining the league. And 30 isn’t the downfall of WRs. 27-30 is when they are at their peak performance. Also having ross back will help take some of the over the top safety help from Green likely giving him more looks. Dalton has never been a great QB but he gets the job done and loves targetting Green. End of the day, that’s all that matters for fantasy.

I love Melvin Gordon as much as the next guy but the gap between DJ and Gordon is much larger than the gap between OBJ and Green.

You’re basically selling low on 2 of the best talents / most productive guys in the NFL. If I were you, I’d go revoke that trade before the counterpart comes to their senses. If i was them, would’ve accepted it already and laughed all the way to back.

3 explosive youngsters and 1 explosive veteran. Give us the side w/2 explosive youngsters. If they continue to use David J that way, he is good for 3/4 years. Too much load. OBJ good for another 10 years.

This is redraft…as long as they’re good for 1 year, who gives a shit about workload. Obv if it was dynasty I’d take the OBJ side.