Redraft Trade--DJ/Kamara

Which side wins, DJ and Marvin Jones or Kamara and Hilton? 1/2 ppr

I prefer the first option.
DJ> Kamara
Jones and Hilton are about equal to me plus Hilton has more risk because of Luck’s injury.

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I would prefer the DJ and Jones side, especially without seeing Luck in the preseason yet.

If luck is back to normal, would that change things, or still the DJ side?

I would still prefer DJ/Jones, but it would be closer.

I’m actually bigger on hilton than most. Having said that, I would still take the DJ side.

If I knew for a fact that Luck is healthy and is back to 100%, then i would consider the Hilton/kamara

Redraft - DJ and Marvin Jones
Dynasty - Kamara and Hilton

Totally missed this was redraft. I’m an idiot.

Yeah DJ/Jones no question for me.