Redraft Trade: Henry/Miller/Jeffery for Michel/Williams/Watkins

In a 1/2 PPR, which side would you take? I think the Michel side has more upside, but I still feel better about the Henry side. There’s some risk both ways. Thoughts?

My Team, if it helps:
QB Wilson
WR Beckham, Cooper, R. Anderson, Watkins, Meredith
RB Gordon, McKinnon, Collins, Michel, R. Freeman, Williams
TE Ertz

I assume Williams is Jamaal? Which Miller?

Sorry about that. Jamaal and Lamar

And Henry is Derek?

I think it’s pretty close. In PPR, I’d prefer the bottom. Standard, I think I might take the top.

Yes. Alshon Jeffery, Derrick Henry, and Lamar Miller for Jamaal Williams, Sony Michel, and Sammy Watkins

Since it’s fairly close, I’m tempted to take the trade and try to move the players for someone better. I feel like I could get more for the players on the Henry side than I could on the other, especially since Michel is injured now

I’d take that trade. My faith in Sammy Watkins is limited at best, and I like Jeffrey’s upside. Miller and Michel is a wash for me, I see risk in both, and Henry in Williams are both in crowded backfields but I think Henry has the better shot at getting the workhorse role

I think I’ll take it, then try to trade for better guys. Any thoughts on who I could/should try to flip Miller, Henry, or Jeffrey for?

eh look at the recent news on Michel . start of things to come

Try to flip Miller for Kenyon Drake. Try to flip Henry for Derrius Guice. Try to flip Jeffrey for JuJu S. S.