Reed Advice

12-team standard league. I currently have Jordan Reed and Evan Engram. Holding two TEs has been a problem for me because there’s only four bench spots. I also just lost Rodgers. Is Jordan Reed droppable at this point?

Tough call, I would try to get a trade going before a drop. Unless you can get a GREAT waiver pick up to replace Rodgers. Reed is good but tough to trust with all the injuries.

It’s hard to drop him quite yet just based on what we know he’s capable. But if it helps I like Engram a lot better at this point. Eli has to throw to someone.

I’ve been making offers, but NOBODY in this league is even remotely interested in Reed because he hasn’t shown anything this year.

Trade the name

The problem is that people in this league are hesitant to trade to begin with and Reed has been playing very poorly.

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