Reed, Amendola, Amendola, Moncrief all DROPPED to waivers!

Who would you target - I have 63/100 of my FAAB left. I’m 4-0 looking towards the future.

Amendola dropped twice!!!

But in all seriousness I’d want Reed there, we’ve seen what he can do many times!

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Those are all so pretty… I’m a bigger fan of amendola to be honest, depending kn where you’re sitting at wr and te. But I would try to drop some cash on one of the amendolas if I were you, maybe and even amount for reed as well.

HahHa…was so excited typing that. Probably will jump on Amendola and Reed. TE been a real headache. I’m weak at RB with Murray my 2nd overall. But I got Doug Martin + Alex Collins can hopefully produce. Also snagged Alex Smith Andy my try to package him or Brady for a RB