Reed for Mixon or Burkehead?

It’s 12 man PPR.

My Jordan Reed

His Mixon or Burkehead.

here is my roster.

WR: Mike Evans, Devante Adams, Allen robinson, Mike Williams, Q Enuwa.

RB: David Johnson, Devante freeman, Carlos Hyde, Lindsey,

TE: Jordan Reed, E Ebron.

I am leaning towards taking the trade either way I would prefer, Mixon over Burkehead myself but I am just on the fence do I ride reed out until he gets injured or do I get rid of him and use Ebron?

If you can get Mixon great but otherwise i’d keep Reed, he looked good and as long as he’s healthy you have a solid TE each week and given the wasteland that is the position that counts for something. Especially with Olson and walker going down you’ll be at minimum fighting for options with them each week if your options bust and you need to stream. Ebron got the TD but wasn’t on the field or targeted as much as Doyle so is a ceiling play but could have a low floor if that trend continues.

I would do it for Mixon, not for Burkhead

Yeah if you get Mixon that’s a steal. I believe Mixon will have a solid year as finish as an RB1 this year. I also believe in streaming TEs so you should be ok grabbing someone off the waiver wire.