Reed or Cook ROS

Hi Guys,

Title says it all. After all the week 1 TE injuries, it prompted me to spare a bench slot on having a backup for J. Reed (due to his injury-prone-ness).

Suprisingly, Jared Cook fell to me in waivers who’s performance on Reed’s bye week last night won me my game (by 3 points!).

So, do i keep the 2 top 10 TE’s (with cook’s targets second only to Ertz) or should i be trying to move one to upgrade elsewhere?

bumpy bump.

Hey guys, didn’t get a response here but wanted opinions now more than ever, especially since i’m deciding who to play this week.

The ballers have Cook ranked 2 higher than Reed, (4th and 6th respectively) but i can’t shake the feeling like i drafted Reed, so i should play him, especially against the Saints.

However, Cook has shown to be a favorite target of Carr, i just can’t decide if it will continue or not.

Who would you play this week, Cook @ chargers or Reed @ saints.

Also, who do you prefer ROS? Should i keep both moving forward or should i try and move one to upgrade elsewhere.

Roster; (12 man ppr)
RB:Michele, Lindsey, Drake, Lewis, Barber
WR: OBJ, Hopkins, Gordon, Cole, Lockette
TE: Cook, Reed

Sorry you didn’t get a response on this post bud.

As of now, i’m going to stay in the flames with Jared Cook. As much as i’m not a fan of rostering two TEs, I think I would still hold on to Reed if I had bench spots available, in case Cook burns you. I think they both will easily finish as TE1 at the end of the season, and since TE are dropping like flies and good consistent ones are hard to come by, I would keep both for a couple weeks and play matchups, or at worst just trade one.