Reformatting league to 8 team. How to add depth?

Hey Footclan,

So my somewhat long standing college redraft league has made an unfortunate drop down all the way down to an 8 man league.
Our league format was
1WR/RB/TE Flex
What changes would you guys add to avoid to typical super team dilemma of an 8 team league. My initial thoughts were to add a superflex or maybe go 2QB. What are all of your thoughts?

make a post to add more players from here. expand your friend/college league.

if any of you are looking for a dynasty league you can join mine and merge, We are trying to make the switch to dynasty format after losing a few.

My tattoo league is an 8 man ppr leave as well. However we add an IR spot. Increase the flex by one and also increase receiver spots by one. No extra bench spots. Makes waiver wire that much more important.