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Regular mock draft with the community


Hey fellow members of the footclan, I know all of us are tired of hopping in draft lobbies with bots and/or fantasy idiots. I figured maybe we can start up a regular mock draft time so we can get as many quality players in a mock as possible. Lemme know what you think. We could maybe even start a Facebook group or something to better communicate. Thanks guys


I was thinking the same exact thing. Was also thinking how cool it would be if there was a mock draft feature on this website so that #footclan members could draft together - not sure if that’s logistically possible though.


yes please!


Alright I’m gonna make a Facebook group called “#FootClan Mock Draft Central.” And then maybe the guys will make a tab for it or separate message board later on. I’ll keep it private and accept anyone who requests. See you guys on there and let’s try to keep it all clan members. Stuff like this is what makes this community special.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Love it!