Regular Season DJ or Playoff Push Zeke with 1.03

So I have the third pick in our standard league, and while it is a sweet spot I am torn. I assume Gurley and Bell will go instantly and that means Zeke or DJ would be my most logical pick. Zeke has a sweet o-line, will get plenty of touches, and has sweet playoff matches for Weeks 15 & 16. DJ has what I would call a better overall schedule for a running back, is a better pass option, but lacks in the o-line and playoff week schedule.

I know this is a debate among riches, but hey what is this place for, but FF advice.

Do not look at play off schedules. It’s pointless. We have no idea what will be a good schedule at the end of the year.

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I would personally choose Zeke. Cowboys offense is built around him.

In Arizona, you have so many variables around DJ. New coach, new QBs, maybe new offense. They would be wise to build around him but there is no guarantee that is going to happen.

You said it’s a standard league? If so, it’s Zeke and it’s not close. In a standard, I think he’s the 1.01 because he should see more rushing touches than everyone by far.

Standard I’d go Zeke, if he’s there that is. In non PPR formats Gurley, Zeke and Bell you really could be looking at anyone of them at 1.03 in that format depending on the preference of the people ahead of you.

As the guys say don’t bother with the playoff schedule, it’s way too early and there far too much unknown. Just take the best available and go from there

I don’t think that’s true at all. I’d be shocked if any of Zeke, Bell, Gurley, or DJ are not within 30ish attempts if each other in the season (2ish per game). Where the difference is is targets per game, which are more valuable (even in non-ppr formats) than carries. In that regard, Zeke is the clear 4th. Now, it’s possible that he’s just more efficient in the rushing game, or get more TDs, but I have a hard time projecting it. I’d take any of the other three over Zeke, fairly comfortably.

Yeah don’t look at schedules at all. For me it’s Zeke by a hair. Dak having rushing ability will help keep defenses honest. I don’t think Dallas will be in as many potential shootouts as Arizona May find itself in, but even so it’s not like Zeke can’t catch either. If anything he will be more active now that Dak has lost Dez and Witten.

He can catch, but he’s just not used as much in that way as the others. The other three are focal points of the passing game as well as 300ish attempt/year backs.

I’m gonna have to disagree with everyone and say David Johnson. I know it’s not PPR, but you still get points for the 750+ receiving yards he will likely get (probably more). He also has extra chances to score receiving TDs. IMO he will have more overall yardage and TDs than Zeke, even with Zeke getting a few more carries.

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Unless you are going the Tavon Austin route, who else is catching out of the backfield? Dak will have to check down to somebody, and I don’t think Beasley is suddenly going to explode off the scene. Pencil Zeke in for 80 targets or so, 50 receptions and a couple TDs to go along with all of his rushing production

At a minimum

Where a that been the last few years? I just dont think you can ‘pencil in’ something we haven’t seen, and have in fact seen the exact opposite of. As for Austin, I actually think that’s possible. Not saying they should, but I’ve never considered the cowboys a very smart organization – at least under the current regime.

The other 3 you absolutely can pencil in for 70+ catches.