So I have only been playing for the last couple of years. All I know is highly drafted rookie RBs being good in their careers. I am in a dynasty league and I have the second overall pick. I was thinking of trying to trade up to get Barkley. Is there a chance that Barkley is Trent Richardson reincarnated. What was the hype around Trent Richardson when he first came into the league was it anything like it is with Barkley.
Also with Derrius Guice, has there been a RB that got hurt their rookie year and came back to be relevant the following year. It seems like since I have been playing rookies get one chance to impress and the teams are willing to move on either in FA or draft. Specifically Matt Jones comes to mind for the Redskins. He was Hyped up didn’t do much his first year and they never gave him another shot. Do we think that Guice will get another shot to be a starter or is he condemned to be bounced around and a perineal back up.

Dalvin Coos was hurt last year. It’s arguable that his ADP is higher now. I realize he hasn’t proven anything yet. I think Guice will be fine next year.

I don’t think hype alone can predict another TR. Some people just don’t translate to the NFL.

Based on the RB positions fragility, it’s wise to go WR early in Dynasty. I like OBJ.