REM Sleepers

Rank these guys: Darwin Thompson, Tony Pollard, Devin Singletary, Justice Hill, Alexander Mattison

im going to treat this question like its dynasty just to simply it and not have it just be for this year.

1: Devin Singletary: pretty easy. great back, with very little resistance to being the full time workhorse starter after this year, with a decent chance of taking over parts of it this year.

2A: Darwin Thompson: mighty mouse is looking good, and is someone i believed in right away. you can just see it, the balance and determination to be good. my hope is that he turns into a danny woodhead, or a darren sproles type player. i dont think he will ever be an RB1 on a consistent basis, but i do think he will be very good at what he is built to do.

2B: Alexander Mattison: i have him in a weird spot with the vikings. if cook gets hurt again, there is a decent shot of him taking over, and keeping the job. this could be a total bust of a guy (for fantasy) or he could be really good starter. i have him a smidge below darwin, and thats my homer coming out and recognizing that darwin has less resistance to a solid starting roll.

3: Justice Hill: not only is there a few guys in front of him, but im also just kinda… meh on him. and i actually do think he has good skills. i think it comes down to, i just dont think they are going to use him a lot. he will be a great football player, but maybe not a great fantasy football player. this is a guy i recognize could be REALLY good, and im ok on being wrong in him.

4: Tony Pollard: this has nothing to do with his skill. this has everything to do with zeke. zeke will sign, and sign something big. effectively burying him and making him pretty much irrelevant. the only way this changes in my mind is if he leaves the cowboys. but then there are so many variables like where would he go, that just makes it too much of a long shot. now, if zeke does miss time this year you bet your ass he is going to be on my team. but… as soon as zeke is back, bye bye pollard.

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Love the analysis. I think I’d swap Mattison and Hill, but agree with everything else.

Ranking for 2019:
Justice Hill
Darwin Thompson
Devin Singletary
Alexander Mattison
Tony Pollard

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