Replaced Rodgers with Mariota and Taylor - ROS - will I be fine? Or should I make a move?

Footclan! Waivers went through today and I was able to grab Mariota and Taylor. I just missed out on Wentz since another team also bid $5, but I had the better record, so he got the player.

Will I be fine with Mariota and Taylor? Should I try to make a move for another QB?

QB: Mariota, Taylor

RB: Gordon, Freeman, Thompson, Cohen, Gore and Breida

WR: Mike Thomas, Adams, Jeffery, Hogan, And Parker

as long as Mariota stays healthy I think you are good. I really like Taylor’s schedule reset of season but he has almost nobody to throw to. I don’t really see Cohen or Breida being anything more than bench stash with a few matchup upsides. Maybe you can package Thompson or Gore with Adams/Jeffery for a decent QB, I think Matt Ryan is a good target right now.

Similar situation but I was able to snag Palmer and Taylor. My general strategy is to try and not stream as much as possible. IF you can get a solid QB that you don’t have to put too much thought into besides Byes and truly horrible match-ups then do it. That’s one less player you have to guess at each week. Matt Ryan is a good candidate although he’s not much better than what you have. Russell Wilson has been under preforming a bit and usually turns it on second half of the year.

Thanks! Should I try and trade for Wentz? It’s a bummer than adding one more dollar could have given me both Wentz and Mariota.

The Wentz owner does have Watson…: so it’s possible he drops Wentz next week. Maybe even offer a trade for Watson?

What do you think of Wentz? I could offer Cohen for Wentz and see if he bites. It’s a bummer because I almost got Wentz, had I offered one more dollar!

I like Wentz. Not like trade for him like but I can see a Top 10 QB finish. No way on earth you will get Wentz for Cohen. Cohen is almost drop-able in standard. That other owner clearly picked up Wentz as his bye filler. Maybe you can get him next week for free? I think your fine with Mariota/Taylor, just play the matchups and see if you can upgrade at QB.