Replacement for Greg Olsen

I can replace him with Vance Mcdonald, Uzomah, Vernon Davis, Jonnu smith. herndon or goedert. Who do yall think is best for week 14 and 15

Vance Mcdonald leads that IMO.

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I’d say that since Monty “none of the above” Brewster isn’t available… I’d go Vance as well

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Who is monty brewster?

A movie character played by Richard Pryor in the movie Brewster’s millions. It’s a classic 80’s comedy w/ Pryor and John Candy. Really recommend watching it.

I probably should’ve just said Vance and skipped the reference LOL sorry


Haha, i’ll have to watch. I love Richard Pryor.

I may be out of left field here, but smith has some upside from last few weeks. Seems like they are trying to get him the ball more.


It’s one of those childhood classics for us dudes in late 30s and early 40s.


Jalen Samuels (in Yahoo)? :slight_smile:

Im in espn ):