Replacement for Odell

With Odell out for the season who should I pick up off waiver week 6 and start the rest of the season? Funchess,Pryor,Marvin Jones, John Brown,JJ Nelson, or D Jax?

honestly most of those guys are good. I like Nelson. He’s getting a ton of targets even with John Brown playing.

But Pryor has a lot of upside

I honestly don’t really think any of these guys can just be stuck and kept in your lineup for the rest of the season like OBJ would. It’s all going to come down to weekly match-ups. But to answer your question I would say D Jax. Funchess is also looking like a pretty reliable target for Cam.

Pryor, Funchess/D Jax, Nelson, Brown, Jones

You have plenty of options

I’m leaning towards Funchess or Jones. Funchess has been looking like cams go to but Jones is playing the saints and the saints pass Def is awful.

Jameis and D Jax look to be clicking too finally

Good point he did score a good amount of points but I don’t know It might of been just because they were playin the pats Def.

I follow the Bucs pretty close, DJax has been unhappy and Jameis is trying to fix it, maybe even too much at times. Not a bad option