Replacement keeper for Akers

12 team league, 0.5ppr

Akers was a 7th round keeper (bummer), I can keep up to 3 players, who ya thinking?

Herbert (7th or 8th, already planned)
Kamara (1st, already planned)
AJ Dillon (8th)
James Robinson (12th)


  1. keep Herbert and Kamara only
  2. keep Kamara, Herbert (7th) and Dillon (8th)
  3. keep Kamara, Herbert (8th), Robinson (12th)


Option one is your best bet.

I still think Robinson in the 12th on half point is a decent flex consideration. He won’t have all the touches but Etienne won’t take over. An injury to Etienne and you have Robinson for a 12th and he’s going earlier than that. I say 3.

Option 1. Dont like the other options as they will not have year to year success in my opinion.