Replacing an owner in dynasty

Looking for suggestions. I’m potentially losing an owner in my dynasty league and his team is, well, less than appealing haha.

He traded away most of his early picks and his roster is extremely weak. If he goes I need to make it fair on the one who replaces. First thought is to cover their first year buy-in fee. However, this will not be enough.

The draft in this league is for rookies and FAs. 7 rounds.

I had heard/read some thoughts on each team choosing a pool off their own players, saw 3 that the new owner can choose from. I’d guess I would have to determine what tier of players this would be. I see this, or something similar being absolutely required.

Has anyone actually had to do this or know of others who have? Looking for any and all suggestions!!!

For starters you should never allow owners to trade away future picks if they have not paid the entry fee to that season.

The policy i use in my leagues, if you trade away a future pick you pay for that year. If you decide to leave before that season, you do not get a refund unless we find an owner for your team. If i have to ill run the team(set lineups, etc…but not trade) until i find a new owner.

Ive had some really bad teams abandoned in my leagues and i dont make concessions for new owners. Ive always found an owner that is willing to take on the challenge. I made concessions one time and most of the owners did not like the fact i let someone play for less than them. Essentially if i did this for a new owner, id have to let established owners play for less if their team is in a bad state. It sets a bad precedent.

I do have a redraft rule in place, but it really only works if there are 3 or more open teams with one or two being really bad and the others being decent or good. Here are the rules i have for that:

Redraft Rule:

25.1 At the beginning of each off season the commish will evaluate the open teams rosters and decide if a redraft will be held for the current open teams.

25.2 Each team in the Redraft will give up all of their players and picks and enter them into the draft.

25.3 The draft will be snake style and draft order will be randomly chosen using fftoolbox draft order program.

25.4 Each player’s salary and contract years will stay the same.

25.5 Owners will make one pick at a time via the message board, email, skype, league chat, or another means. The commish will decide the best way each year depending on the owners availability to draft.

25.6 The commish will track all picks and players available via the google doc and will record the picks made there. Once draft is over, the commish will make the roster changes via trades, which trade fees will not apply.

25.7 Any player not drafted will become a FA and be available for the FA Auction.

25.7.2 Any player scheduled to have become a RFA for the current off season will receive an automatic Contract Extension with the $1 Extension Fee for the owner drafting said player.

Redraft Rule for Current Owners:

  1. All rules in section 25 will be enforced in addition to the following rules

26.2 There will be a one time fee of $35 to enter the redraft.

26.3 In addition to rule 26.2 owners must prepay for the following two season. Current year, next year, and the following year. ex. 2016, 2017, 2018.

26.4 All future entry fees and the redraft fee will be non refundable.

26.5 Owners must wait three full seasons before being eligible to enter the redraft again. EX. Must play 2016, 2017, and 2018 then during the 2019 offseason eligibility is reinstated.