Replacing Gibson

Who would you pick to replace Gibson. I have mckissic but have picked up Fournette off waivers. I was thinking of playing him over mckissic. My other rb is CEH. So I’m not too strong in that position!


Id feel pretty good with McKissick tbh but looks like Fournette is going to start so prob not a bad start. Id personally go with McKissick’s floor in a full PPR.

Yeah I was gonna roll with mckissic but probably just overthinking it now!

11/2 record and on a 9 game winning streak. So no doubt I’ll end up with a one and done in the playoffs!!

haha same dude. 10-3 in 1st with a bye and of course half my team is either out, doubtful or questionable heading into the weekend. Sure feels like a one and done season for me too.


It’s too bad about Gibson. I was riding him to victory as well. Are you both sticking with smooches?

:joy: Smooches!

I was gonna stick with him, but I’m beginning to think maybe Fournette might be a better shot. I could maybe leave CEH out and play Fournette and mckissic!

The fantasy gods have spoken…

Zeke inactive, I have pollard! :grin:

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Started Fournette, mckissic and pollard. Dropped ceh and mclaurin! :sunglasses:

On to the final…


What a move! Congrats!

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