Replacing Will Fuller

I just got the news that Fuller is out for the season. He’s like my 5th WR, but his schedule was looking good so I was planning to use him more, especially next week during my bye-pocalypse.

Here is who is available on the waiver wire that I am considering:
Geronimo Allison
Amari Cooper
Calvin Ridley
Mohammed Sanu
Chris Godwin
Nelson Agholor
Chris Hogan

And the guy that somehow intrigues me the most: Trequan Smith.

I’m ruling out Agholor because I need someone for week 9.

Who would you take to replace Fuller?


Geronimo Allison, in my honesty opinion I think he is Rodgers number 2 option

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As a 5th WR I’d probably go Ridley. Just for the Atl O and he has the most TD upside. Then I’d go Godwin then Allison

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RIght now I’d go Allison or Godwin.

Trequan Smith is definitely one to keep an eye on, though I’m not ready to pull the trigger on him yet. Allison if you are looking for most consistency as I think he becomes a more high volume guy than the others listed. If you want big play ability I like Calvin Ridley.