Repost from waiver. Qb pick up?

Hey Footclan,

I currently have Winston as my qb in a keeper league. I kept him for a 12 round pick which I was glad to do, I liked his value and still do. But last week after Arizona and the questionable shoulder, I picked up Tyrod Taylor as a streamer for week 7 game. Lol who would have thought Winston would still out produce Taylor… The real reason why I’m actually here is cause someone just dropped Cam Newton for Paul Richardson cause they now have Watson as a primary qb now. I feel like this would be a great pick up in a 12 man ppr league. Especially to stream between the two for match ups. How much ffab should I spend on him? I currently have $77 out of $150 and have the third highest amount. Aside from the extra ffab from weekly match up (perfect) pickems. As of now I have a $12 bid on him. Should I keep it or raise? Please let me know! I have till Saturday the 28th. Apologies for the long question!

Much appreciated!

Personally, I’m not a Newton fan so I may be a bit biased, but Tyrod has some solid matchups from here on out. He could very well be a top 12 QB rest of season. I’d roll with Tyrod and save those FAAB bucks and roster spots to buy yourself wins as you get closer to playoffs (buying the best TE’s off the wire from the guy who’s streaming, things like that).

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Thanks for the advice Nicholas! I appreciate the advice. I’ll probably stick with it and save the bucks!

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No problem! By the way, awesome profile picture haha!