Requesting help deciding keepers

This league is a 12 man non ppr 5 keeper league. I know my squad is not great, but I am just trying to move forward and set myself up for as much success as possible.

My biggest decisions are whether or not I should keep Big Ben, and what type of value do Crowell and Martin have.

All advice is appreciated.

Do you have to keep 5? And are there round penalties for keepers?

I have to keep 5 and there are no round penalties.

Keeping Bell, Thomas, Crabtree and Garcon.

I usually wouldn’t keep a QB, but there is not really a 5th option I like. Might as well keep Ben and not worry about drafting another QB. Don’t want anything to do with Crowell or Martin.

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Thank you very much for your feedback

How often are QBs kept in this league?

I would go with Bell, Thomas, Crabtree, Garcon and Crowell.

Big Ben and Crowell have similar ADPs so it’s basically a toss up of who you would prefer. I would go with Crowell personally. I would expect there to be a few more QBs still available that are better than Ben; on the flipside I wouldn’t expect too many starting RBs to be available with each team keeping 5 players. Crowell might not be an ideal keeper, but he looks to be locked in for decent volume. I think he will end up as a good weekly flex option and will, in some weeks, be a serviceable RB2.

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Depends on the cost but assuming no cost, i’d keep Bell, Thomas, Crabtree, Crowell and either Garcon or Lockett / meredith. I own a tonne of meredith shares and have him as my deep sleeper/breakout player this year.

No chance I’m keeping Ben. He is way overhyped and basically only playable in half the games for the season. Could probably stream week to week and outperform the cost of holding onto Ben. Also, don’t like stacking QB and RB cause caps your upside.

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