Rescue me from the worst league ever (Join my new Dyno Startup)

TL;DR: Join a new $10 buy-in, winner take all each year start-up dynasty draft, run on Slack app for convenience, with a message board on FleaFlicker as a backup. Standard positions with one extra RB/WR flext, PPR. One giant division for playoff qualifiers, and NO KICKERS. ;). Otherwise standard scoring. DM me your email or post it below if you’re interested.

I hope you like horror stories.

My brother and two of our friends started a dynasty league way back in 2014 with some other guys I knew from a different fantasy site. Whenever anyone of them didn’t log in or post on the message boards for more than a few days, the commissioner would just kick them out. This only happened once in the first two years, since these were active people who cared about the league, but then eventually people’s interested waned during slow parts of various offseasons. This one GM purged five guys for not being “active enough” despite objections from everyone left in the league. The real reason some guys weren’t always thrilled to get on the messaging app and talk is because our commish was crazy and would send eight different lowballs to you at three AM, then get insulted if you didn’t want to trade with him. To make matters worse, KR points got some crazy multiplier that wasn’t in the rules and we didn’t even notice until year two, and they went to defenses, even though we all voted to keep them out entirely. Eventually, the divisions were so out of balance (because of owners getting exiled and replaced with casuals) that we had guys with sub .500 records making the playoffs every year. Oh, and to make matters worse, it’s got that ESPN 5-point bonus for 50 yard field goals that nobody likes. There were so many other BS moves that commissioner made, I’ve probably forgotten more of them than I can list. The only reason we stayed in as long as we did is because we’re the two best rosters in the league but hadn’t gotten any championships yet. That finally changed last season, and now we’re ready to quit en masse and start over. We should have rebelled years ago, honestly.

I don’t particularly have any interest in being commissioner. If anyone experienced wants the title, it’s all yours. I saw the power go to that guy’s head and I don’t need the drama.

I’ve got the league and slack community set up already. PM me your email and any questions if you’re interested.

Get out! I wouldn’t stay in that league.

I think you should be looking to get a league set up where the commish is a figurehead and suggests ideas but has no real power. Commish by committee is what you need after being burned like that

I’m already gone. I should clarify, I want to start a new league here because I listen to the podcast and thought there would be smart players here. I’ll edit the post to make that a bit more clear.