RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW: Super-Ship Fantasy Football Leagues

Think you’re the best REDRAFT fantasy footballer out there? Well, this is your chance to prove it. The SUPER-SHIP is a way to test out your fantasy football skills against several different people who share the same thoughts and interests as you.

This is a multi-league format that consists of 8+ leagues under the title, “SUPER-SHIP.” Each league will consist of 12 teams in a ½ PT PPR format, where the goal is to win your individual league. The playoffs of each league will take place in weeks 15-17, with 8 team making the playoffs. In week 17, while the championship of each league is being played, the SUPER-SHIP will also be going on. The team that wins their championship and scores the most points throughout the playoffs (weeks 15-17) will be crowned the SUPER-SHIP champion. Trust me, the pay out will be worth it.

$50 Buy-In

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