Rest of Season 1-PPR

Who would you rather have rest of season. 1PPR

Kelvin Benjamin
Sammy Watkins
Juju Smith-Schuester

KBenji. I own Watkins and Benji in a PPR so I get it. Juju’s monster game last week can’t be replicated imo

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I’m leaning Benji too, just worried if the Bills offense may slow him down. Thanks for your reply.

I’m jumping on the Juju bandwagon!

KB could be good but I can’t think of a receiver with his skillset that Tyrod had success with. I’m stuck on something I think Evan Silva said in that Tyrod likes to throw to guys that are wide open and that’s not Benjamin’s strength. He’s a throw it up and let me win kinda WR.

I don’t want anything to do with Watkins in Redraft.

Watkins is not in the same stratosphere as Kelvin and JuJu. Kelvin and JuJu aren’t that great either, but Watkins is so boom or bust. Not ever really startable in my opinion unless you are in a major major pinch. Out of Kelvin and JuJu, I think I would go JuJu by a hair just because we have a better idea how he will be used than we do Kelvin. Although wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Kelvin ends up ahead of JuJu ROS