Rest of season Alex Collins or Matt Breida

I’m just curious how you guys think this will turn out? Is Breidas week only looking good because of his long score? Or is his usage increasing? And is Collins just shaking off rust from little preseason work or is this one of the worst committees there is?

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This is my opinion. Hope you enjoy!

Collins is on his second team. After being drafted by the Seahawks he was cut and the Ravens picked him up. He worked his way up the squads and he started in a game and was electric. He was getting massive YPC and turning heads. He admitted his mistakes with the Seahawks organization and he express his gratuity to the Ravens for the opportunity. It’s all a lovely story and there’s two massive problems with it. The Ravens have so little money invested in him and he keeps fumbling the ball. Each game, in particular game that means a lot to the Ravens organization, he seems to be ripping off runs he also manages a critical fumble. This is supported by the fact that they don’t use him in the Red Zone, and Buck Allen gets the TDs. They keep giving Dixon a chance too. I think Collins days are numbered.

I’ll keep it nice and sweet for Breida. That’s Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Breida is the exact same height as Mckinnon, granted a little smaller but that’s why Morris gets used for the up the middle rough sledding. Breida is going to get those big difference plays the unique schemes. If I have to pick between the two Breida is my man.

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