Rest of season backup or starter

Dak is my starter. I’m currently 2nd place in my standard scoring league.

Ballers are high on Foles for playoff matchups. Should I drop Kirk Cousins now and pick up Foles before he gets hot or stay with Dak and Cousins ?
Thanks footclan best of luck to all!!!

Cousins weeks 13-16 is @Sea (Plus matchup), @Lions (Derek Carr just destroyed them), @LAC (Tough matchup but not crazy), @GB (Middle of the road).

I’m not much of a Cousins believer, but I would compare Dak’s weeks to that. Dak has tough matchups in 13-14 (Buff and Chi) so you could play cousins there, then Dak has a great 15 and 16 vs. LAR and Philly. I would stick with him.

I’d prefer Kirk to Foles still, he’s playing well and has good matchups of his own.

I’d actually evaluate the option of moving Dak before the deadline. His splits without Coop are pretty rough and Coop is nursing yet another injury and has a brutal schedule coming up. Might be a good time to cash in if it can help your team elsewhere.