Rest of season flex WR

1/2 ppr, single flex. I have Hopkins, D Adam’s, Cory Davis and M Thomas. Rest of season would you drop Davis for Curtis Samuel for an upside play? Davis is definitely safer but I feel I need a bigger upside play for Flex.

Thoughts on rest of season?

I’m not sure how much upside Curtis Samuel really has…seems more boom or bust for me, but if you’re looking for a week winner, I don’t think Samuel is going to win that many weeks. Adams and Hopkins can both be week winners, so I’d love to have Davis as a flex, I realize he hasn’t done much yet, but I can see him being more consistent later in the season.

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Yeah I think I would feel better about him if Fitz was still the QB. I’m probably jaded as a titans fan from Davis so thank you for the reassurance.

He had a good week!

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Corey Davis has plenty of upside with a rookie QB trying to figure out things. Samuel is a complete unknown at this point.

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