Rest of Season help......SOS

I have two rest of season scenarios I need help with…

  1. LeSean McCoy vs. Leonard Fournette
  2. DeMarco Murray vs. Jerick McKinnon

What do you mean? Are you trading McCoy for Fournette and Murray for McKinnon orrrr? I’d rather have McCoy and Fournette but of those two scenarios I like Fournette and Murray.

To clarify I own Fournette and McKinnon, but have a trade offers where I’d receive McCoy for Fournette in one, and Murray for McKinnon in another.

Keep them both

Was concerned about the Fournette ankle news

McCoy vs Fournette is close but McCoy always gets the ball and has a better schedule. Fournette might not go this week either. Jags play 4 top 10 fantasy run defenses in the next 6. Including Seattle and Houston weeks 14/15 in the playoffs.

I would trade Fournette and keep McKinnon. Unless you could pair McKinnon and another player for McCoy. Weeks 13-16 he has a golden schedule. I feel like most would rather keep Fournette, but McCoy’s upside in the playoffs is huge. I might sneak in an offer for him if he has a rough week on the road in Peterman’s first start.

Shady’s playoff schedule is the main reason I would want to trade for him. I’m just worried if he goes off this week with Peterman under center that I wouldn’t be able to trade for him… same worry with Fournette playing bad this week due to his ankle and not being able to trade him away.

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Maybe I’m weird but I would prefer McCoy and McKinnon