Rest of Season: Kerryon or Sony?

Feel like this is a fun one. Half point PPR. Subject says it all.

I’m interested too

I own sony Michel, but I think kerryon is going to have a better season. Hes clesrly the best RB in détroit.


This might just be the obvious answer but I like to Johnson to grow as season goes on and Michel to have more hills and valleys as most Pat’s rbs do. Ros box scores are probably close but Johnson for consistency and Michel for boom/bust. I would be Johnson has a slight edge in fantasy points at end of season

I’ll take Michel over Kerryon ROS. Although I basically own them both in a lot of leagues. I like them both but end of the day, just comes down to the fact that I like patriots offense more than lions. I trust McDaniels more than I trust jim bob shitter. And as bad as Pats D is, I trust bill to fix it more than i trust patricia to do anything.

Michel will likely see 15-18 touches going forward. In that pats offense with goal line work, thats RB2 with RB1 upside.

Kerryon will also likely see 15 touches or soonce it all said and done. But lions D is atrocious and he will frequently get phased out of the game for Riddick. Nothing tilts me more than watching riddick on the field. He is literally useless. Kerryon is a better pass catcher and a better runner but the coaching stuff is stupid. I’ve been burned too many times assuming that incompetent coaching will somehow magically become competent. Don’t fall into that trap.

Going to totally disagree with you on this one. The common misconception is that patriots RBs are boom bust. That just simply isn’t the case. Burkhead finished as an Rb1/2 in 4 out of his 6 total starts when healthy. Dion Lewis finished as an RB1 or 2 in 6 out of 10 of his total starts. Not sure what more you are expecting out of your RB2s but that sounds amazing to me and I’ll take it all day. And in the weeks they didn’t finish as RB1 or 2, they still put up like 7-9 points so they don’t sync your team. No goose eggs here. Bottom line is, they are going to be in more scoring opportunities than lions and have better game scripts than the lions. That is why I’m choosing Michel.

Also from a talent perspective, Michel is just a superior talent / runner.


Mike so you are seeing Burkhead as being pretty much fazed out for Michel to get 18 touches a game?

I like kerryon
I believe the guys when they say he’s the most talented back there d he could be a work horse. Belicheck will give you a 5 carry game just when you get used to a pats running back

I think kerryon is the most talented back there by far. And my only issue the pats backs is there are so many mouths to feed, even if Michel comes onto the scene strong and takes most or all of the work from burkhead, James white is not going away. They have also said burkhead will be big part of offense. I think Michel will be more in the 12 touch range with a few receptions in any given week.

Would you drop Kerryon for Michel?

I would probably drop somebody else before kerryon, but if I had to choose between those two I probably would. I think close but if you can predict that offense you can get Michel’s potential rb1 weeks. Also Mike has a very good point just saying that Pats offense is just that much better

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I am on the Kerryon side just because Pats are unpredictable. Think talent wins out. Not that Michel isn’t talented but he has to compete with Burkhead and White vs Blount and Riddick.

I’d try and drop someone other than kerryon. But if its a super shallow league, and I was forced to pick between the 2, I’d drop kerryon for Michel.

They’re both plenty talented, Michel is much more so imo. And i love everything about the pats more than I love about detroit. Jim Bob Cooter is literally a moron. He think’s putting Riddick in there on 3rd down is somehow a smart move. I’d rather put my faith in pats than lions.