Rest of season: Pollard or Hines

Who would you want ROS?

I have Hines now and have a possible trade for Pollard.

It’s a Full PPR league

Pollard for me, getting good amount of work in games already, and if zeek is hurt he’s full time rb, if Taylor is hurt Mack will become full time rb

Hines was the RB15 in PPR scoring last year, and he seems likely to maintain the same level of opportunity after being signed to a pretty respectable contract recently.

That said, Hines has like four 20 point games per year–and some real steaming heaps as well, while Pollard is probly more the steady 4-9 points per week kind of a guy–but he won’t EVER get you 20.

So pick your poison.

I’d go Pollard.

Chasing a good week from Hines leads to heartburn and his end of season finish can blind you to the weeks that he potentially loses you when you try to rely on him.

Pollard is making a case to to see more work this year. Plus he is exponentially more valuable as a handcuff should something happen to the starter.

Also, he did just get over that 20-point mark with the TD on Sunday, so he might cross that threshold a few times this year.

He wasn’t on the guy’s team then; I said Pollard would never get HIM 20.

Oh I know what you said. Didn’t put any words in your mouth.

I’m still saying that he’ll cross it a few times this year based on how his usage looks through a few games and his less-volatile floor makes him a safer weekly start.

Hines may get it four times this year, but there’s a decent shot it’ll be four times that he’s on a fantasy bench.

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