Rest of Season RB

Currently sitting 7-2, thinking of grabbing Danny Woodhead as a bit of a big upside play. Who should be dropped?

QBs: Dak Kirk
RBs: Bell Abdullah Mixon McKinnon Martin
WRs: Baldwin D Thomas Hogan Shepard
TEs: gronk Engram

What y’all think?

Drop abdullah. Stay with martin for now

Yeah I’d drop Abdullah

Forget woodhead who would be in a 3 headed Monster, You need a WR…

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Who do you recommend picking up? Or what type receiver should be targeted in a trade?

I think Abdullah is the best bet. I like the rest of those players quite a bit.

Do you think I need a move for a WR? If so what type of deal?

0.5 PPR btw

Grabbing JuJu could be a league winner if it breaks right.

I’m surprised he’s even available. JuJu is someone I’d go for, if not I’m also a huge fan of Robby Anderson.

Anderson is basically doctson in a green jersey. I’d shoot for Juju even though I just traded him and Jack Doyle for kelce lol

I don’t agree regarding Anderson. I think he’s an inferior talent (compared to Doctson) in a much bigger role. I’m not saying he’s not talented. He’s a big, fast guy, but Doctson is a genuine sparq freak. I’d say Anderson has the higher floor and lower ceiling.

Anderson, JuJu, Sanu in that order. Anderson has been on fire lately, juju has potential and Sanu is a safe play.

Anderson has scored in 3 straight games, is that sustainable? He’s only getting about 5 targets a game in those three. Granted he had 12 the week before those 3

No, but you should never be counting on TDs as sustainable. They’re just too fickle.

Not sure if it’s sustainable, but stay in the flames if you can.

I’m not thinking it’s sustainable, but if he’s only getting 5 targets a game I’m not sure if a Josh McKown receiver is that much more valuable than any ither