Rest of Season - Should I trade Chris Carson or David Johnson?

I’m trying to put together a package for Christian McCaffrey for a championship run.

My current backs are Dalvin Cook, David Johnson, Chris Carson, Mattison, and Penny.

So, obviously DJ has higher upside than Carson without regard to injuries. However, give I also don’t own chase edmonds would you try to move DJ and avoid uncertainty.

The McCaffrey owner will likely move him for a QB, a WR, and one of these backs.

Edmonds is a growing problem for any DJ owner as he is capable in both the run and pass game. If you can land McCaffrey by pretty much any means and keep Cook, do it.

I like Carson better than DJ rest of season as there is considerably less threat to his workload and he’s got a premium matchup this week (#5 ECR).

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I think that’s what I’m going to try for! That would also allow me to Keep CMac, Dalvin Cook, and Chris Carson in rounds 1-3 respectively for next season.

Plus Carson gets Arizona during championship week. Now to decide whether to throw in Marvin Jones Jr., Emmanuel Sanders, or Brandin Cooks to boot…

I’d sell high on Marvin if that’s what it takes to push it over the top. He won’t do what he did last week again. Perfect sell opportunity. Go grab Corey Davis/AJ Brown/Devante Parker/etc off waivers.

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I think they’d take any of them, but I agree I’ll probably try to capitalize on that. I think Kenny G is still the guy