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Rest of season: TY Hilton or Adam Thielen?


Standard 12-team league
Someone offered me hilton for my thielen, should i do it? My wr1 is julio


I personally prefer Hilton. However this a lateral move. I would not make that deal. Counter with something that make both teams better.


My team has melvin gordon, m. Lynch, julio, thielen and sanders in the flex. I also have golden tate, alf and crowell in the bench…
He has david johnson, would it be smart to offer him something like thielen + lynch for dj?


IDK, maybe this is just me tilting a bit on the Cardinals but they’ve been so bad it’s tough to trust DJ. It seems like he’s in a similar situation to what Todd Gurley was in before Fisher was fired.


I think that’s a starting offer to a potentially panicking DJ owner. However, I don’t necessarily expect them to accept.

Are they 0-2? Does you league have a communication platform? I would use that to initiate a discussion and then talk about a trade offer before sending an offer through whatever platform you are using.


We know each other, so before doing the trades we talk about it… im starting the conversation now, will see what he thinks of dj ros and try to trade for him… but i dont think i would give more than thielen + lynch… maybe put some alfred morris as well


I also prefer Hilton, but also agree I wouldn’t trade for him as I think it’s very close and a wash