Rest of season WR pick

Need help ranking these three

Mike Williams
Corey Davis
Dede Westbrook

I would go Davis, Williams, Westbrook. Davis has the targets just needs offense to start clicking. Williams has talent and red zone work, but needs a few more targets. Westbrook has worst qb situation and too many other weapons.

I have a very similar decision. For me it comes down to QB. One of those three has a competent QB who has shown they can involve them in the offense. Also with lack of a truly dominant TE (sorry, Gates) Mike Will will always be a red zone threat. It pains me to say this because I had such high hopes for Corey Davis.

Both good points. I’m leaning Davis. I think the Tenn offense will start to improve as long as Mariota can get a little more healthy. The match ups also look better for Tenn. The Chargers offensive is so much better than Tenn or Jax but Williams is basically the 4-5th option with Gordon and the other WRs.