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Rest of the season QB


I brought in wentz this week as Mariota is injured and Prescott is on bye, my main issue now is I don’t know who to drop/trade?

Any advice is appreciated.


Personally I am a fan of Prescott, even with Zeke on suspension. We saw him perform without him and still give impressive numbers. However, Wentz has proven to be solid and has a good overall schedule ahead of him. I would say Wentz is the safest QB to keep and would give you consistent good numbers. If you had to keep 1 I’d keep Wentz. If you have space to roster 2 and drop one, I’d keep Wentz and Mariota. They have been hot all season long, I’d try to see if you could maybe throw Mariota in with a trade before dropping him. That’s what I’d do, hope it helps! Good luck!


Mariota is the one I have been offering in my package trades as I have started Prescott most weeks and found he has better numbers in my standard league.

Really has given me a happy headache


Depends on the rest of your roster (as always) but you have a few options.

Trade Dak for an upgraded piece (if you’re missing one)
Trade Mariota in a package deal for someone desperate at QB
Drop Mariota and accept that waivers always has about 5 decent QBs out there.


I would drop Mariota. Wentz has the most upside out of them, and Dak is the safest play week in and week out. Those are the only two you need right there. Mariota would be a solid guy to trade and get a RB or WR.


I really need a WR, but I’m in an 8 team league and hardly anyone trades.

Who would be a suitable target for a trade do you think?


Mariota’s match ups look good though