Rest of Year - Beckham or Hopkins?

Odell Beckham or Deandre Hopkins fro the rest of the year?? Need to move one to upgrade at RB since mine all injured. Worried about Eli and his o-line but also Hopkins foot…

i mean really who knows. but i would say either is a good descion not what you want to hear. i have obj and looked to trade yesterday. i have revised i think he will be fine hes that kind of player. injuries scare me… u would be fine either way if i had choice i would think eli saquan is still finding his groove eli is proven they will figure it out… i hope

Id say Hopkins is a little safer and on a better team… But it’s so close

I’m in the exact situation… I am quite worried about the giants line as well. I was considering selling Odell to get a top tier RB as well.

you would probably get more for Nuke right now. personally i would rather have OBJ, Nuke is top tier,but OBJ is still elite talent.that being said you can always throw some feelers out there and see what people are willing to give for each.