Restructing long time league

Im in the process of transitioning my 13 year re draft yahoo league over to sleeper. In years past weve been a 2QB,2RB,3WR,1TE,1K,1Def,6Bench. In the new league we are looking at 1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE,1K,1Def,1Super Flex,4 Bench. What are your thoughts on the new roster set up,is it to shallow,making the league to easy?

I don’t think it will be too shallow as I’d expect that the better known players will still definitely be owned in this version. It will mean that there probably is better options available through waiver/free agency during the season than your old version.

I think it won’t make the league too easy as generally most players will be looking at similar fantasy options making the urgency to pick them up before any break outs hugely important. Personally I enjoy having to look at options that might not be on other peoples radar but it can get really hard going especially when no one that can help right now is available.

If your league is happy with this I think go for it. I think fantasy with involved players wont ever be easy.

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This depends on how many managers are in the league for the most part. I super agree that what keeps the league happy will make for a good year regardless of settings. Drop the K option though, they’re garbage.

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Starting lineup is typically is dictated by the number of teams. How many teams in your league?

Based on 10 - 14 teams. I would add 2 to 3 flex positions and 2 bench positions.

There are 12 managers in my league.

I think it just comes down to you and your league. I personally prefer a larger team and bench so I have more room to work with and the waivers are tougher, but as has been said, if your league stays competitive then the settings aren’t as important

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In my leagues, I tend to have a larger bench, and I would definitely try to remove K and possibly D/ST, but it depends on what the league wants and I think using polls can gauge what managers want for the league

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