*Results of draft*Draft Tuesday! 4th pick - no 2nd and 2 3rds


Have my draft Tuesday night 12 team .5 - I’m in a bind.

Landed the 4th pick and looks like Zeke will be on the board for me. I traded my 2nd last year but have early 3rd’s at 3.02 and 3.04

If the news on Zeke is still up in the air do I go DJ or Hopkins and hope to land 2 RB’s in the 3rd like Carson / Jacobs / Freeman / Michel? Do I go Zeke and try to reach for Pollard in the 5th/6th?

Please share your strategy with this SHITuation!!!


If you go zeke, you gotta think what WR’s would be available. In my leagues 3rd round has been Woods, Theilen, Allen, Edelman. Would you be okay with them being your WR1? If not, I would just go Wr 1st and solidify that position with no doubt. Cause you can still get the good Rb’s in the third

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Hopkins is the safest pick and the one I’d make here.

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DJ or Hopkins. Personally I’d aim for Devonta with one of those 3rd rounders, and one of those WRs even as WR1 isn’t atrocious.

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Go Hopkins and you can probably still get Lindsey and Mixon maybe but you’ll have a true WR1

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If i’m going WR in the 1st it’ll be a toss up between Adams and Hopkins. At that point I’d have to go 2 RB’s with my 3rd’s, right? - Likely options will be D. Freeman / Carson / Jacobs / Fournette / Michel / Ingram / Lindsay / D Mont (Reach)

Which 2? Freeman because of catching ability but then I’d need a workhorse - who would be best in that situation?

Thanks a lot for the help guys! Definitely in a tough spot but hoping Zeke news breaks soon

I think Freeman will be a workhorse as long as he holds up. Carson or Jacobs would be my other, but Michel would be reasonable as well, especially in 0.5 PPR

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So this is the result of my draft - how did I do?

1.04 Kamara
3.02 Thielen
3.04 Carson
4.09 M. Ingram
5th Ridley
6th Miles Sanders
7th Vance
8th Samuel
9th Larry Fitz
10th Russ Wilson
11th DJax
12th Kyler
13th Seahawks
14th Jake Elliott

QB points are 4 pt passing TD / 2 Int / 6 pt rushing TD - Rivers is still available should I swap out Kyler?

WR - DK Metcalf and Goodwin are still available - should I swap anyone for those?

RB - Hyde is free - is he worth a wait and see? So is Dare Ogunbawale

Thanks for the help!!

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