Return for Nick Chubb

Currently 4-2 in my league, lost an absolute heart breaker on MNF. Thinking of trying to sell Chubb for a WR/RB package. What would be a realistic package to target. Obviously without looking at the league it’s impossible to know what players people have, but thinking some possible packages would give me an idea of what caliber I should be looking at.

Current roster is:

RB: Zeke, Chubb, Breida, Sanders, Singletary
WR: Hilton, Woods, Mike Williams, Gallup, Curtis Samuel, McLaurin
TE: Andrews, Herndon

Maybe I should stand pat at RB and try to package 2 WRs for an upgrade? Tough getting 15-20 from Zeke and Chubb every week and having to guess which WR will go for 20 while the rest get 4-8.

Id stay with those rbs and try to package scary terry and gallup. Should be able to get a low WR1 for the two of them I’d think. I actually like both of them more than williams or samuel but thats how you get good value is give good value

Ya I’ve been drafting up trades to try and get rid of Williams and Samuel all season and they just don’t carry the name or have any flashy numbers. Was hoping to be able to sell Samuel after his big week but they are on a bye after the London game. Think you’re right on Terry and Gallup, should be able to get a low WR1 which would give me options to play matchups rest of season. Thanks for the advice.

Glad i could be of any help